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Assembly Setup Assembly

Inspection, packaging, shipping, and delivery

​We will meet all your needs!

​ compatible

Warehousing/inventory management

Shrink machine
A forklift lifts a pallet from a large truck.Unloading is also possible.
We also store and manage products waiting to be shipped in our secure warehouse.
We can also order and order packaging materials.Is possible.
Enclosing stationery, toys, daily necessities, etc.
Assembling, inspection, product set-packing quickly.Accurate, courteous, and short delivery times.
From small lots to large lots, our customers
We will create it according to your request.
We use shrink processing to wrap products in special film to suit various shipping formats.
​We accept orders starting from 1 piece such as a prototype.
We can ship sorted and packaged products anywhere in the country by courier or chartered service. In addition, we can also deliver urgent items on the same day using our own courier service.

[Things we do thoroughly to ensure that our customers can trust us with their work with peace of mind]

・Thorough prevention of information leaks → Before release, we will ensure that information is not leaked to the outside through the internet etc.

             Bring your cell phone

It is prohibited.


・Using Blue Bandage → If it is accidentally mixed in during work and packed

(Band-Aid) A special band-aid that can be detected by a metal detector.

I'm using.

・Management of cutlery → Tools such as scissors and cutters must be kept individually before work.

Take it out of its original position and return it to its original position after work.

We store it in-house.


・Use of one blade → Prevent broken cutter blade from getting mixed in with the product

Uses a single blade with no fold lines.


・Confirmation of hands and fingers → Bleeding from cuts that occurred unnoticed during work may be transferred to the product.


                                  〇We check every hour.


・Do not open windows   →Equipped with air conditioning and heating to prevent dust and insects from entering.

            The windows in the workshop are always closed.


​We are also constantly working to improve quality, such as wearing hats and rubber gloves.

Sunrise Co., Ltd.


​4-2-12 Hosoda, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-5612-1570

​FAX 03-5612-1571

<We are always looking for light work staff! >

​ We are also recruiting home workers.

​ Please call us first.

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