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As a partner that satisfies our customers
Since our company, Sunrise Co., Ltd., was founded in 1996, we have always strived to improve quality as a partner that satisfies the needs of our customers, and have cultivated trust and a proven track record.
Today, we are entering an era of unmanned technology due to the robot industry using IT and AI.
There are some tasks that absolutely require human hands.
At our company, we handle products with short delivery times that can only be handled manually and that require immediate response.
We are determined to make the most of our know-how in quickly processing all kinds of products that arrive at the spot, and work hard every day with teamwork as our motto as an assembly and processing factory that meets the needs of our customers. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.            
​ Representative DirectorYukio Yoshii

​Company Profile

Name Sunrise Ltd.

Head office location: 4-2-12 Hosoda, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-0021

TEL 03-5612-1570 FAX 03-5612-1571

Established: July 1996

Capital: 3 million yen

Representative: Representative Director: Yukio Yoshii

Employees: 20 people

Bank: Resona Bank, Koiwa Branch

Higashi Nippon Bank Shinkoiwa Branch

​ Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank Takasago Branch Business Contents

Security equipment​  SECOM

Business content         General logistics processing (inspection work, packaging, packing)

       Various assembly processing 
      POP/Novelty product assembly
         Printing and advertising related product set work

Shrink packaging

Various manual collations

      General home processing
       Picking/sorting work

Injection mold production/molding

Blow mold creation/molding

Vacuum molding mold creation/molding

      Soft vinyl mold creation/molding

Slash, rotation, mask, coloring

Silk printing, hot stamping, tampo printing

Various packaging materials (cosmetic boxes, cardboard)

​ Advertising supplies (creating various POP) and others



Shrink machine (Kyowa Electric VS-400)   1 unit

    L-type sealer (Kyowa Electric    VS-400)   1 unit

Hand sealer (Fuji Impulse P200) 4 units

Counting scale (electronic scale)

    ・0.1g compatible                 2 units

              For 6200g    1 unit

       ・For 0.5g, for 16000g    1 unit

      Electric screwdriver        10 units

Hot melt gun 10 units

Hand press 10 units

Pistol type soldering iron 10 units

                Electric tape cutter 12 units

Drilling machine 3 machines



Transport cargo: 2t truck 1 unit

              1 unit

​ Forklift 1 unit

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