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After processing, we stretch the pallet sufficiently to ensure safe delivery to the customer.
We sort the products to be shipped to each branch and can ship them nationwide. We can also arrange charter flights for large lots.
Also,We also create invoices for courier services.
We can also handle urgent deliveries immediately using our own courier service.
Leave it to us, from picking up the materials before processing to shipping and transportation!

Inspection of various products such as stationery and daily necessities, from packaging and assembly to sets of multiple items.

We will create it according to your request.

We handle everything from small lots to large lots quickly, accurately, and carefully.

We also support short delivery times.

​We also manufacture injection molds and molding at our partner company.

From arranging materials to creating shipping documents and sending them to customers

We will respond to all your orders until delivery.

shrink packaging
Shrink packaging is a product wrapped in a special transparent film that is heated and shrunk.
This is a packaging technology that closely fits the shape of the product.
In addition to the L-type sealer machine, we also have a hand sealer machine.
We can handle products of all shapes.
Prototypes for manufacturers, etc.​We will make it starting from 1 piece.
shrink packaging



Use an electric screwdriver
​Complex assembly possible
Homework processing
In-house processing doesn't fit the budget
When it comes to processing large lots of promotional items and novelty goods, our highly skilled in-house staff can produce them at even lower costs.
Original planned products
Our company offers original planned products.
We also manufacture and process.
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